Jan 17th Security Updates to Servers

Wednesday Jan 17 2018  7:00PM

We are updateing our servers with new security patches.  You will ill see some outages in web and email access.

Will update post when finished.

Stormweb Support.

Jan 12th Rebooting cPanel4 Server this morning.

9:00 AM We are seeing some email and web access problems on cPanel4 this morning.  Techs are rebooting server.
10:00 AM Techs were able to install new operating system Kernnel and get the server back up.  All email is being delivered.

Tech Support

Oct 19th cPanel4 is being re-started

8:00 AM Thursday Oct 17/17

We are having some database errors on cPanel4.  Techs are working on the problem and should be up shortly.

Tech Support

9:45 Resolved issue.

Oct 3rd Email issues on cpanel4

We are currently having problems with IMAP aind POP3 Servers on cPanel4.  Techs are working on the problem.

Email services restored and all email delivered.

Stormweb Support

Apr 26th April 26 - 11:20am EST - cPanel4 Outage

We are currently experiencing an unexpected outage of our cPanel4 server.  The outage is causing web and email service unavailablility for users on that server.  We are working to correct the problem ASAP.  More updates to follow...  UPDATE: 11:33AM  We have received word from our colocation provider that an electrical issue is the cause and ... Read More »

Mar 23rd Upgrading cPanel4 Server

We have now migrated all cPanel4 users to a new high-speed server and are finishing up small patches.If you are seeing any issues please email support@stormweb.caWe are upgrading our cPanel4 server today.  Users on cPanel4 may see some slowdowns during the transistion.If you are seeing connection problems with email your mail servers may be set ... Read More »